Discover your true potential and bring more peace, confidence, and fulfillment to your life with

Dr. Steve's Healing Space

Feeling "stuck" in life lately?


Negative energy can get “stuck” in our bodies and over time take a toll.

These energy blocks show up in a variety of ways; anxiety, frustration, physical health issues, inability to achieve a desired goal, repeated patterns of self sabotage.

All of these can rob us of joy and keep us from becoming the unique person each of us was created to be and living our true potential.

In the Healing Space,

I specialize in energy healing to help you

discover and remove your own energy blocks

so that you no longer have to live with the struggle

and limitation these blocks create every day in your life.

Ready to live life to your full potential?


Learn more in the video below about how the Healing Space is designed to:

1) Remove energy blocks that hold you back

2) Reconnect you with your intuition

Making it possible to move forward and reach your full potential.

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Want to learn more?

Explore the variety of group healing sessions,

available only to members of the Healing Space.

Weekly Group Healing Sessions

 These sessions are the foundation of your Healing Space experience and occur every week. We will work through energetic blocks that arise for the collective group. Note: all healing sessions are anonymous across members.

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Q&A with Dr. Steve

Healing in these sessions is driven by the questions that the participants ask via the anonymous chat function during the session. We cover lots of ground and support as many questions as we can!

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Wave Healing Sessions

 These sessions focus on strong energy patterns that rise up and affect everyone, like a wave rising up on the ocean. They are offered as needed when a strong energy pattern arises. 

(additional fee applies)

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Members Choice Healing Sessions

 Topics for these sessions are decided by members ahead of time. We spend the entire session on one topic to fully focus on releasing the negative blocks and improving your energy around that specific area.

(additional fee applies)

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Still want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Dr. Steve

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Polenz and I help release negative energy blocks so you can discover your true potential which brings more peace, confidence and fulfillment to your life.

As a Chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and energy healer with over 30 years of experience in practice, I discovered early on that removing negative energy blocks was at the core of almost all healing.

One of my greatest joys, as a healer, is removing negative energy blocks because when that happens, your life becomes more vibrant and full of possibilities.

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Dr. Steve's Healing Space

 Discover your true potential and bring more peace, confidence, and fulfillment to your life with

Dr. Steve's Healing Space

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