Weekly Group

Healing Sessions

The weekly group Healing Sessions are the foundation of the Healing Space and occur every week. We will work through energy blocks that arise for the collective group.

The intent is to remove energy blocks trapping you in negative patterns while boosting your connection to your true self which brings positive growth to your life.

Every Wednesday @ 4pm Pacific


Here's what you can expect in these 30 minute sessions:

The beginning of the session: Dr. Steve will share any thoughts or insights for the session and then he will connect you to the healing energy. Once the energy is flowing we all dive in and Dr. Steve will guide everyone through what the energy is doing.

During the session: The most common feeling people notice is being relaxed and feeling lighter. Dr. Steve will narrate what is happening as you go through each session and will share any insights that arise as your energy blocks clear. You will often see that he has his eyes closed (this helps Dr. Steve see and work with healing energy) and moving his hands around as he feels and works with the energy.

Conclusion of the session: Dr. Steve will let you know when the healing energy is wrapping up so that you can bring yourself back to the present moment. He will close the session with any guidance from what the healing energy did that day.

*Note: All group healing sessions are anonymous and you will not be able to see or interact with the other participants. During the sessions your video, audio, and chat features will be turned off. You will only be able to see and hear Dr. Steve.

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