Members Choice

Healing Sessions

A Members Choice Healing Session focuses on a specific topic that members chose ahead of time, to release the negative blocks around that one specific topic.


We can harness the power of group healing to address a common topic

 that may be an issue for a large group of our members.


For example, there may be many Healing Space members asking for help around their relationship with money or financial situation. We can hold a money-focused Healing Space session to help remove blocks around making money, using money, improving your relationship to money, etc. 

Whatever negative patterns come up around money for the group, we can have a session to help release those while improving your energy around money. 

Members Choice sessions are driven by demand across the Healing Space group. You will be able to suggest a topic and based on voting from Healing Space members, Dr. Steve will have sessions on the most requested topics.

Members Choice sessions are not for one-on-one support. They are a way for Dr. Steve to know what is important to you and to offer help based on popular demand. Members choice sessions are offered as needed and typically will occur 1-2x/month. 


*Note: All group healing sessions are anonymous and you will not be able to see or interact with the other participants. During the sessions your video, audio, and chat features will be turned off. You will only be able to see and hear Dr. Steve.

This is a Specialized Session that is only available to members of The Healing Space 
and an additional fee applies.


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